Hackers arranged a sale of 80 thousand on the darknet. databases

There are tens of thousands of SQL databases on the darknet forums, apparently hacked and stolen as a result of automated attacks. The attackers were not interested in the content of the databases themselves and demanded the same price for everything.

Hacker Sale

About 80 thousand . SQL databases are for sale on the darknet at a price of $550 apiece. As ZDNet journalists found out, this is the catch of a cybercrime campaign that has been going on since the beginning of 2020.

The attackers hacked the databases, downloaded their contents, deleted the original and left messages demanding ransom. First they left email addresses, then links to sqldb sites.to and dbrestore.to , and subsequently went to the secure Tor network, leaving the Onion address.

For the return of the data, the criminals demanded about $ 500 in bitcoins, and the price in dollars remained more or less unchanged – regardless of how much bitcoin cost and what was contained in the databases themselves. Apparently, the attackers were not interested in the latter factor at all.