10 thousand options

Mail platforms, however, check the IP addresses of users who connect to their (or someone else’s) email addresses via IMAP in order to prevent suspicious actions. To circumvent this measure, Email Appender can use SOCK proxy servers that allow spoofing IP addresses, plus by default, Email Appender has a list of 10 thousand variants of IMAP servers, and the program automatically analyzes the email address

Russian hackers have learned how to plant spam directly into recipients’ mailboxes

Ultimately, the Email Appender allows you to substitute any real addresses in the Sender field in order to pass off the message as legitimate: since in reality such a letter does not pass through email protocols, there is no problem to pull off such a trick. You can also substitute arbitrary fields From (from) and Reply-To (response address).

“There are a number of ways to block such spam campaigns, but the main one is to change passwords regularly and not use the same combination (or similar to it) more than once,” says Alexey Vodiasov, technical director of SEC Consult Services. — In addition, two-factor authorization is effective, so that even a compromised account cannot be connected without attracting the attention of its rightful owner.

The expert added that it is also possible to enable notifications about cases of logging into an account from unusual IP addresses. Mail systems quite allow you to do this.